ML Novator is the official reseller of Leyline queue management systems. As we keep in mind both aesthetic and functionality, this is the only queue system, we offer. This elegant queue management system designed by Leyline is simple, beautiful, easy to manage, accessible to people with special needs, customizable to your brand and much-much more.


  • Housing is made from steel and wood.
  • 10” Touchscreen Display.
  • 200mm/sec Thermal printer
  • Ticket – Who says tickets are only supposed to show the number? Print a logo, some relevant text, QR code… and a sudoku? Sure.
  • Booking – Let your customers book an appointment in advance with our booking module or create your own using the Leyline API.
  • SMS Notification –  If the wait time is too long, you can let your customers enter their phone number right there on the printer and notify them when they’re called.
  • Interface customization – We provide an ability to brand the system to your needs: colors, fonts, logos, signage etc.
  • Portable version – For exhibitions and other events, we provide portable solutions: mobile printers, or registration without a printer at all, mobile apps, etc.



  • Staff – We take good care of the people using our system, we try to provide not only beautiful interface, but also a comfortable one. Ergonomic interface, colors that are easy on the eye, rich functionality, but also customization from admin panel so you can pick and choose the functions for your staff.
  • Operator – Operator window works perfectly on desktop, but also tablets and mobile, allowing all sorts of different use cases.
  • Manager – Manager window allows having a birds-eye view on what’s going on in the office and react to the situation, e.g. disabling services.
  • Statistics – Get all the information you need at a glance, or download the full report for later processing. We also provide an API for integration.
  • Simple integration – Often the Queue Management System is only part of the company’s IT infrastructure, and though it is important, it probably is not the main part to be honest, so we aim for deep integration to your IT infrastructure, allowing information to traverse both ways.We provide REST API as a rule, but for specific cases we’re ready to talk, nothing is off the table.
  • Cloud – Cloud infrastructure allows us to be scalable, yet cost-efficient. We can have the servers near your location or even dedicate nodes specifically for your business.
  • Cache server – In some edge cases cloud might not always be available, for these cases we have a special little server to help out, taking over control for a time.

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    Why ML Novator kiosks?

    We are in kiosk production from 1999. Our production and product development process is certified to meet industry standards requirements. We are proud to design our kiosks in-house keeping in mind both aesthetic and functionality.