ML touch desk 910

Indoor touch desk ML 910 is designed for immersive interactive applications in all indoor commercial markets including education, retail, hospitality, gaming and medical environments.


  • PCAP or IR touchscreen
  • 43″ / 49″ diagonal
  • painted (piano) metal lockable housing on wheels
  • with or without Intel® CPU based computer
  • the edge of the housing can withstand 90 kg mass



  • Touchscreen. Possible to order with different touchscreen options – intuitive edge-to-edge PCAP or Infrared touch sensors.
  • Branding. Lot of options to meet your brand style design – custom colours, custom labelling with optional details.
  • Connectivity. Optional wireless network connectivity options (WiFi, 4G) with vandal proof external antenna to provide kiosk connectivity in all possible locations.
  • Computer. Intel® NUC computer module ensures smooth and fast user experience for detail rich graphics. PC can be configured to meet performance requirements set by application used.
  • Kiosk software. Sitekiosk software for operating and maintaining public access kiosks with virtual on-screen keyboard.
  • Kiosk monitoring. Siteremote running in Cloud (SaaS) or on own
    server (license) for remote administration and maintenance of kiosk systems and digital signage displays.
  • Security. The housing is suited for unattended self-service. Housing can be anchored to floor and is securely lockable with single key.
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    We are in kiosk production from 1999. Our production and product development process is certified to meet industry standards requirements. We are proud to design our kiosks in-house keeping in mind both aesthetic and functionality.