Sitekiosk with custom coloring elements on the body shelll, a small screen on top, RFID in the center of an infokiosk

SiteKiosk™ Software is a powerful tool for securing and managing kiosk solutions in public areas.

PROVISIO, established in 1996, specializes in secure kiosk applications and digital signage, and their innovative software solutions have garnered over 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

With features like customizable user interfaces, remote management, and content filtering, SiteKiosk software is an ideal solution for businesses and organizations looking to provide safe and reliable access to information in public spaces.

As a reliable mediator of Provisio’s cutting-edge kiosk software, we highly recommend that you explore how their products can benefit your business. Let us know your kiosk project idea, and we will assist you in selecting the perfect software solution to bring it to life!

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  • Secure public access: SiteKiosk™ provides a secure environment for public access to information without compromising system security.
  • Customizable interface: Information kiosk software allows for customization of the user interface to fit the branding and design of your business.
  • Remote management: It also allows for remote management and monitoring of your infokiosks from a central location, saving time and resources.
  • User-friendly: It truly is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Compatibility: SiteKiosk™ is 100% compatible with hardware devices and operating systems, that are installed into our Infokiosks.


  1. Secure and customizable browser interface
  2. Content filtering and access restrictions
  3. Remote monitoring and management capabilities
  4. Touchscreen optimization and virtual keyboard support
  5. Integration with a variety of peripheral devices
  6. Automated maintenance and software updates
  7. Multi-language support for global deployments
  8. Extensive reporting and usage analytics

More about PROVISIO

About Provisio

PROVISIO, established in 1996, is a global leader in secure kiosk applications and digital signage. Headquartered in Miami, USA, and Munster, Germany, their innovative software solutions have garnered over 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide. PROVISIO provides the most advanced kiosk software available, and their flagship product, ‘SiteKiosk software’, ensures fail-safe and tamper-proof operation for kiosk systems.

With a team of around 25 dedicated professionals, they offer turnkey software solutions, such as SiteKiosk, as well as implementing complex custom projects for businesses of all sizes.

PROVISIO’s team is passionate about creating, testing, and launching new features to ensure that customers’ needs are met. The goal with SiteKiosk is to offer a comprehensive kiosk software package that includes advanced security features, remote monitoring and management capabilities, and a powerful CMS for customized digital advertising campaigns and interactive applications.

The belief that there are no limits to our customers’ project ideas, and as such, has enabled to establish a vast partner network to help bring these ideas to life. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you get the same commitment to ensure that your kiosk project is a success. With PROVISIO, you can trust that your kiosk software needs are in capable hands.

Choose a plan that's best for your business and contact us to get the best offer

You have three software options to choose from: Classic Standalone, Online Cloud, and Online On-Premise Server. Classic Standalone is a local, single-license solution with customizable branding options. Online Cloud offers remote device management and cloud-based data backup, while Online On-Premise Server is a customizable, on-premise solution for enterprise-level businesses.

SiteKiosk software plans in detail

Classic Standalaone

The perfect option for small teams with easy-to-use, no-administration-needed infokiosk software. Annual billing includes automatic and free updates, and support by phone, email, or forum.

Enjoy 2 GB of storage space per team. Subscribe now to simplify your team's kiosk experience.

Online Cloud

This exclusive server option is perfect for larger teams with over 100 client machines. Annual billing includes backup and operating system updates, and support by phone, email, and forum. Your company's logo will be featured on the software interface, and you can manage an unlimited number of clients.

Online- On-Premise Server

This option is ideal for larger teams with over 100 machines/clients that want to administer and configure their own servers. A one-time license fee grants full access to Windows server settings, and 12 months of support is included. Your logo will be integrated into the software interface, and an integrated license server is provided for your convenience.

1. Functionality of the license codes

The software can only be activated by entering a Sitekiosk license code. The license code contains information on how many licenses and which set of functions will be enabled. Each registration process will verify the licensee’s information by sending a notification to PROVISIO’s license tracking server. The data will not be passed on to any third party. However, PROVISIO shall reserve the right to take legal action against the licensee in any case of license abuse and infringement.

2. License Rates / Warranty

All prices are net in U.S. Dollar plus sales tax if applicable. PROVISIO offers a 30-day return policy on hardware
based on manufacturer return policies which is subject to change and error. Customers can test the all the
features of the software prior to purchasing.

Get the best out of your kiosk solution today

SiteKiosk™ software offers numerous benefits such as improved customer experience, streamlined workflows, and enhanced employee self-service. With its flexible options, your business can easily implement the software and achieve set goals. We encourage you to try SiteKiosk together with kiosk hardware for your organization and experience the benefits firsthand. All you have to do, is choose an infokiosk suitable for your needs from all products.

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