ML Infokiosk 560E Outdoor

Outdoor interactive self service infokiosk with 19" touchscreen. This model is intended for 24 x 7 unattended usage as payment kiosk and has lot of different housing options including wallmounted and dual-level form factor.


  • Vandal-proof alumiinium housing with glass and stainless steel elements
  • Touch surface is ruggedized for use in high-traffic environments and provides excellent image clarity, resolution and light transmission.
  • Adjustable climate module that regulates internal ventilation and heating depending on humidity and temperature.
  • Standard freestanding model measures 600 x 1703 x 230 mm (with single 19” screen) with only 0,15m2 footprint
  • Readyness for integration with different payment and intercom devices
  • Special kiosk software Sitekiosk and virtual keyboard



  • Different form factors. Freestanding, wallmounted, dual level screens.
  • Lot of options to meet your brand style design – custom colours, custom labelling with optional details.
  • Vandal-proof touchscreen with an brightness sensor for visibility in ambient light conditions.
  • Design customization. We are able to deliver custom designs even for one unit, to integrate additional devices or meet your corporate brand requirements.
  • Optional wireless network connectivity options (WiFi, 4G) with vandal proof external antenna to provide kiosk connectivity in all possible locations.
  • Kiosk software. Sitekiosk software for operating and maintaining public access kiosks with virtual on-screen keyboard.
  • Kiosk monitoring. Siteremote running in Cloud (SaaS) or on own server (license) for remote administration and maintenance of kiosk systems and digital signage displays
  • The housing is suited for unattended self-service. Housing must be anchored to the ground (or wall) and is securely lockable with single key.
  • Optional devices. This model can be equipped with additional devices like scanners, payment devices, printer, camera, intercom devices. Please contact to specify additional devices requirements.
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    Why ML Infokiosk?

    We are in kiosk production from 1999. Our production and product development process is certified to meet industry standards requirements. We are proud to design our kiosks in-house keeping in mind both aesthetic and functionality.