ML Infokiosk 960 Elegant edge-to-edge glass front panel with thin and minimalist design of housing fits into various interiors.

Infokiosk with touchscreen enables 24 x 7 unattended/unsupervised self-service. Edge-to-edge glass front panel.


  • Commercial-grade 32“ to 85″ screen or touchscreen.
  • Can be used as digital signage or touchscreen kiosk (typically wayfinder solutions).
  • Customizable computer module to meet performance and functionality requirements.
  • Sitekiosk software for operating and maintaining public acccess kiosks.
  • Chassis size depends on screen size.



  • Different screen sizes: 32“ / 43″ / 49” / 55” / 65“ / 75” / 85“. Different brightness options for internal screens. Anti burn-in technology pixelshift is used to prevent the long-term display of static images from burning into the screen.
  • Wall and freestanding options. Kiosk screen can be placed vertically (totem) or horizontally.
  • Touchscreen. Possible to order with different touchscreen options – PCAP or Infrared touch sensors.
  • Branding. Lot of options to meet your brand style design – custom colours, custom labelling with optional details.
  • Design customization. We are able to deliver custom designs even for one unit, to integrate additional devices or meet your corporate brand requirements.
  • Connectivity. Optional wireless network connectivity options (WiFi, 4G) with vandal proof external antenna to provide kiosk connectivity in all possible locations.
  • Computer. Intel® NUC computer module ensures smooth and fast user experience for detail rich graphics. PC can be configured to meet performance requirements set by application used.
  • Security. The housing is suited for unattended self-service. Housing can be anchored to floor and is securely lockable with key.
  • Optional devices. This model can be equipped with RFID, 1D/2D, scanner, smart card reader or other devices at request.

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    Why ML Infokiosk?

    We are in kiosk production from 1999. Our production and product development process is certified to meet industry standards requirements. We are proud to design our kiosks in-house keeping in mind both aesthetic and functionality.